Woman Who’s Marrying a 300 Year Old Ghost Upset by Rejection

Ghost Groom: Maybe it’s because he doesn’t leave dirty socks on the bedroom floor. Or maybe it’s because her grocery bill didn’t skyrocket once he moved in.

Or maybe it’s because she doesn’t have to deal with nosy in-laws butting into their business and telling her how to cook his favourite foods.

Whatever the reason, in the U.K., where eccentricity is prized and individuality flourishes, a woman wants to marry a ghost.

That’s right, a ghost.


The young lady claimed to the U.K.’s Metro.co.uk website last month that she met Edwardo last year. They fell madly in love, she explained, and decided to marry. Brocarde, a singer-songwriter from Oxfordshire who uses only one name (a la Madonna, but a whole lot less rich and famous) says her betrothed sends messages to her in the shower.


These invisible love notes, she recalled with an apparently straight face, make her whole body quiver.  “He sends hot and cold sensations throughout my body,” she explained. 

‘Edwardo has insisted that I make him a Victorian three-piece suit and I’ve played around with a few ideas but ultimately, I just can’t see it. I’d prefer him to surprise me and pull a mourning suit from his old wardrobe.’ 

Alas, the usual venues are not an option for the happy couple. Not surprisingly, churches and other religious locales have turned Brocarde away when she asked whether they could wed on their premises.

In fact, “priests have threatened us with exorcism,” she complained.  They may not know just yet where they’ll get married, but the singer has a solution to all the arguing over dates.

“I’m going to design a Ouiji board with potential wedding dates,” she said, presumably so Edwardo can telegraph his choice to her. In the shower, of course.


While Brocarde may seem anything but traditional in temperament or romantic choices, one plan for the wedding is downright commonplace.

She wants a white wedding, with lots of guests, including the ghosts of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, William Shakespeare and the soldiers who died in battle with Edwardo. Unfortunately, even if a church official agrees to let them wed on their grounds, the groom himself can’t attend.

According to the bride, Edwardo was sent to hell when he died for running an opium den when he was alive, so entering a church is a no go. (We are not making this up!)

If they can’t hold conversations in the literal sense, and the bride can’t even see her lover, how does she know he asked her to marry him?

Brocarde says she found a diamond on a cushion at home, and knew immediately that Edwardo was proposing. “I awoke to find a ring on my pillow,” she said. When she saw question marks forming on the shower walls from the steam, she put two and two together. Her spirit lover, as she fondly calls Edwardo, was asking for her hand in marriage.


Her love has inspired her creativity, Brocarde said. And so she has written a powerful love “anthem” for her man, which she is planning to play for him during their nuptials. Though there is still no date set, Brocarde says she is excited about designing a dress and walking down the aisle. No word yet whether her father is too embarrassed to escort her, as tradition dictates.

Guests may be alive or dead, Brocarde says – she doesn’t judge, and asks only that others don’t judge her.

Still, one can’t help but wonder if her affection for this invisible gent is legit. After all, several articles and posts have mentioned her love affair, and that means free publicity for her music career. Whether Brocarde is genuinely in love with a ghost – and therefore a wee bit nuts – is anyone’s guess.

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Will register for gifts at a shop like “Spirits R Us?” Will Brocarde go through with this wedding?  Probably.  After all, no one can say for certain whether Edwardo is actually there. Featured Image Credit: Jam Press